Putting on a great event is hard, we know! Bandwagon started out as the brainchild of Stan and Maria, both bookers and promoters back in 2011. Over the past 6 years promoters have booked thousands of top bands through the platform. Here are 6 reasons why you should give it a go too.

Book Great Talent

When you book events on the regs there comes a time where your pool of band contacts drys up. Bandwagon Pro has a growing membership of over 16,000 of the best emerging bands from across the country who are ready to play your next gig. Expand your pool and book the next big thing before anyone else.

Quality and Quantity

When you hear thousands of bands it’s natural to think – can they all be that good? Since Bandwagon began, promoters have booked amazing talent like Declan McKenna, Daughter, She Drew The Gun and Femme before they were selling out solo shows of their own.

Save Time

Managing a lineup is email hell. With Bandwagon Pro acts come to you. You review the applications in your dashboard and booked with one click. No more back and forth email chains lasting weeks.

Give Your Gig National Reach

Not all you best bands come from your neck of the woods. Bandwagon Pro has the top bands from each scene across the country and applications are open to all. Book your next headliner from across the country and broaden your ticket base.

Concierge Support

If it’s your first time using Bandwagon Pro as a promoter we have a special direct line set up to help you. Email [email protected] and we will guide you through setting up your event. Soon applications will be piling up.

Listing is FREE

We don’t charge anything to list your gig. We support the platform by charging a small monthly membership fee to bands. This membership gives them access to a apply to gigs and to a large range of exclusive members only offers.


Bandwagon Pro is the complete tool to find and book great talent. Whether your searching for and opener, that headline gold or the full lineup, listing your upcoming gig just makes sense.

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